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Oh, Sweet Maiden!

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A Letter from a Fan's Friend....

Dear Sushant Singh Rajput, If you are watching your fandom, From wherever you are, I can picture you smiling with tears in your eyes, But please let me interrupt you for a while. Dear Sushant, First of all, I would make it clear, I'm sorry, but I hope you understand, I'm definitely not and was not your fan, But I would raise my pen on behalf of my friends. Dear Sushant, I do not know the cause of your deadly plan, But I do understand, the pressure and your pain, I apologize on behalf, of all the ears gone deaf, When you needed them, now we are all too late. Dear Sushant, If you are watching, people mourn for your fate, Only you know what's true and what's fake, Sir what darkness you saw that day, But maybe you see the light today. Dear Sushant, This morning I read about you, on the internet, I felt something familiar, cause I am the same, NASA was our dream, only you were fortunate, Maybe our dreams alone, won

She Tricked the World....

If only we knew, The weight relived by the clouds, After the rain, Belonged to the Earth, borrowed for a day. If only we knew, How the Lotus never, Absorbs a drop of water, That flows in the lake. If only we knew, A mother never complains, About her pains and aches, But worked her way out of the day. If only we knew, A poet swims into your pain, Owns it and drowns, not in vain, She returns with words, that flows this way. We would never judge or criticize, A poet rhyming, YOUR joy and pain, Like her own,  Tricking the world, with her ink pen. -Natalya Ludwick-

The Hidden Glow....

The stars shine, Cause the sky is dark, The sky cries, To give relief to the clouds. The rain falls, To nourish the Earth, The beings live, As long as they can work. Honey, when you cry, Remember the clouds, Honey, when it's dark, Search for the stars. Honey, when your heart bleeds, Remember life's good deeds, Honey, when you can't go on, Take a break, look how far you've come. Honey, when your hard choice,  Is haunting between humble and pride, Remember your trying times, Never forget the value of a smile. Honey, when I'm gone, To the next chapter alone, Don't let your heart be a stone, I tried my best, but you made me go. Honey, one advice, before I go, This beautiful Earth, is a wonderful globe, There's a purpose, this life is quick or slow, Your purpose in life, is the hidden glow. -Natalya Ludwick-

What Do You Call It?

If the time, the Sun chose to rise, Is not called day, then what is it? If the time, the Sun chose to set, Is not called evening, then what is it? If man didn't, destroy Earth, Then who did it? If words didn't break your heart, Then what did it? If the stars don't twinkle, Who does it? But if a ghost don't haunt, Humans will definitely do it. If you didn't mark time, Who did it? If you didn't watch him on the sly, Who did it? If you didn't build up your bad name, Then who did it? If my words weren't correct and sharp, Why get affected by it? If you didn't try showing off around him, Who did it? If you weren't damn dramatic, Whose drama is it? If I'm tired of your drama, What should I do with it? If I know you are wrong, Why support you with it? You with a husband, begging a boy’s attention, Why are you doing it? If you don't call that flirting, What do y

The New, Distant You….

A red, metal heart, A rare smile, Mean words, Those proud eyes. He ruins my day, He screams for lies, Alone he should live, They added to my mind. There I was standing, From a distance, he permits, Their words, still hard to believe, So, I paused, before I rhymed. The tug of war, in my mind, On one end their words, On the other, my inner voice, Reigned as they stole, my sleep every night. That day, facing the day light, I quietly observed, sharpening my sight, As I stepped close, the heart was bright, What happened next, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Yes, that heart was of silver metal, Covered with blood, so precious, Not coated, but pierced, With sharp swords, of love and fear. As I observed close, I see it’s severe, They need to be pulled out, one by one, And stitched carefully, with nothing but love, I didn’t know how to react, when you proved what I found. I wish I could tell you, I sneaked in and out,

Dear Future Husband....

Obeying the rules of quarantine, Seated on my roof top, To enjoy the beauty, I quietly sat on a wooden chair, Towards my left, I watched the streets, The roads were bare, But the birds, flew freely in the air. The cuckoo of a Koel, Was heard from my right, He looks like a crow, With dark red eyes, The squirrels ran, From branch to branch, Butterflies flew, Decorating my view. Along with this, I began to dream, Of my future, And of course, of you, Don't blame me my dear, But when I think of you, I know I am very inquisitive, To know our future, to get to know you. As I sit, I wonder, When will we meet, As I sit, I wonder, How will we meet, My dear, I prefer, If we find ourselves, And my parents; your in-laws, They too prefer the same. I wonder, will you hold my hand, As I dream, I wonder, will you cheer, When I succeed, I'm impatient, to know, Your passions, your hobbies, I'm impatient,

Dear Hero, Be Strong.

  A precious necklace, covering her neck, A thorn piercing her heart, again and again, A pearl covering, her ocean blue eyes, Her knees touched, the rough ground. Her white skin, dressed up in red, Her figures rushed, like a wiper in the rain, Her sobbing reigned, like an express train, With a deep breath she said, it's okay, it's okay. Once again, she heard the beep, With trembling hands, she reached out to see, "Mom, I miss you, I'm sorry I was mean", Her pearls dropped faster; she could not resist. Running away, from the patients in her ward, Taking away her mask, soaked in tear drops, She cried out a loud, "Help me my Lord", In no time she heard, "Dear Hero, Be Strong". -Natalya Ludwick-


Through the storm, We tend to reform, As the storm reigns for too long, We look for peace within us. Through the rain, On the muddy grounds, Dancing, on a rose yard, Until we step, on a rose thorn. Under the hot blazing sun, We travel around, the world for fun, With Camera clicks, louder than guns, To save our skin, there's a lot that's done. While we watch, the waves splash, On the tough rocks, fearlessly crash, Kissing our feet, as they go back, By the Encyclopedia called Nature, My heart is dragged. -Natalya Ludwick-

Mankind Have Paused....

Mankind have paused, In fear of an organism, To the eye, invisible, To destroy, infeasible. Mankind have paused, Cause death is unacceptable, To the heart, unbearable, To the mind, troublesome. Mankind have paused, With invisible tears unexplainable, The greatest of the living, but mortal, Who belongs to the father, immortal. Mankind I pause, Cause what can I say, We never know, if I'm the next prey, Until we overcome this someday, Mankind, kneel down to the Almighty, Together let's pray. -Natalya Ludwick-